What is that’s so interesting?

We often talk about the things we have in common: movies we watch, books we read, the memories we share, people we know— but we don’t always talk about the other stuff. Ideas, politics, complicated feelings, opinions that differ from our own.

This newsletter was designed as fodder to spark those deeper conversations, and, with time and continued discussion, to normalize them.

Read —> Share —> Discuss (this part is key)—> Repeat

As a wise woman once said:

“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”

Why subscribe?

Because you’re a curious, open-minded person who doesn’t want every conversation to revolve around the Kardashian’s latest procedure (Khole’s new face is pretty wild, though).

Because you want to be the well-read friend who discusses and debates all sorts of ideas, from Instagram Face to neo-liberalism to why relationships fail.

Because you want to have the sorts of conversations you’ve seen in movies— the ones that used to be reserved for a bunch of old white men smoking cigars at an Ivy League school, or the ones consisting of incredibly stylish French people chain-smoking cigarettes at a dinner party in a Paris flat.


Meghan Palmer
NYC-based writer of short fiction, cultural commentary, and other musings. Meghanpatriciapalmer(at)gmail(dot)com // meghanpalmerwrites.com